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Empowered Mindset Package

Your 8 week guide to transform from the inside, out.

  • 2 hours
  • 777 Australian dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Are you ready to transform from the inside out? An 8 week package helps you reprogram your mindset to create unshakable self-belief & confidence so you can feel empowered to transform your life. You can have it all. Does this sound like you? You feel like you're stuck in a rut. You lack motivation and follow through. You're nervous to get out of your comfort zone even though you know its holding you back. You’re afraid to fail so you procrastinate and self-sabotage. And you know, deep down, that you are destined for more but you still find yourself sleepwalking through life and making excuses. So what’s the secret to boldly going after the life you want? Mindset. Mindset. Mindset. Your mindset determines your level of success in ANY area of your life. And how do we change our mindset? We need to change the old programming & limiting beliefs like, “You can’t have it all” “I don’t have the time” “I can’t because I'm not….” “Who am I to….” The majority of our beliefs, which are a key component to an empowering mindset, are subconscious programming. Most of the time we didn’t choose them, yet they are quietly playing in the background and sabotaging our lives. If we don't get to the root cause of what is holding us back, we will continue to play small, self-sabotage and feel dissatisfied with parts of our lives but powerless to change it. So how do we change it? By reprogramming your mindset with unshakable self-belief & confidence, we can transform your thoughts, feelings, actions and results. We reprogram your mind so you can take aligned action from an empowered place. This is how you get the results you desire. The Empowered life package includes: - 4 x 2hr coaching/hypnotherapy sessions over 8 weeks - 2 x personalized hypnotic recordings for home use - 2 x meditations - 1:1 accountability and support Sessions Breakdown: 1. Mindset session- Get clear on your goals. Become aware of the limiting beliefs & old stories that are holding you back. Choose your new mindset. 2. Master your thoughts- Understand how to change and choose empowering thoughts. 3. Flow with your emotions- learn how to meet your needs, feel your emotions and move through any uncomfortable feelings that keep you small and fearful. 4. Learn how to take aligned action towards your goals and dreams. The investment: $777 in full or $444 X 2 monthly payments Are you ready to reprogram your mindset with unshakable confidence & self-belief? The Empowered Mindset package is for you!

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